Out of my depth and out of control

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I´m from central Europe. Architecture student. Tried-to-be-musician, fond of travelling & TV shows. Smile at me - that´s what gives my life a perfect sense.

sometimes i don´t find anything we talk about worth it. 

i cant keep wondering why he sees it like the right opposite.

— 4 days ago

it took me a long while
to realize
that I´m scared of talking to people

— 2 weeks ago

omg my new flat is so awesome! .. whole summer i felt miserable because i paid for “home” i haven´t ever seen but as soon as i opened the door i thought it was the right decision… 
 We´ll see… but this is the first time I´m looking forward to BR…. it barely happened before… can´t wait to bring all my stuff to that large-windowed enlighted room, to a place oversmelled with ginger tea , so quiet and yet in the middle of the city alive…. 

— 2 weeks ago



Some days I feel like Beyoncé and some days I feel like Rihanna…

there are no in betweens

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people mostly think changing someone´s life is somehow grandeur…

might disagree.

— 1 month ago

deep inside he´d always been the wise part of me. always will. dammit. it´s never been this hard before. 

— 1 month ago

First time in 20 yrs I´ve felt like our capital is quite a good and maybe a beautiful city and i didn´t felt like going back home. 

Well, upgrade. 

— 1 month ago